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Hey all,

Not sure if i've missed something; the Customisation menu is completely empty of options, The default parts are the only things in there.
IE- "Default Bumper" and no way to see or select otherwise yet i've seen players online with custom vehicles.

I've verified the game files in Steam etc all is fine, BuildID: 2395029.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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At the moment, only two cars (one being the Roadcutter) support customization. Next updates will have customization parts for other cars, for sure.


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Thank you for the snappy reply, what's the second ? (i've just checked all of the cars i have, must be 2/6 I dont have yet)

If anyone at BBE see's this; might be an idea to throw in a temporary message in that menu to explain this for cars that aren't yet supported.

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