Author Topic: December Patch: The good, the bad and the ugly  (Read 617 times)


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Been playing a ton since the December patch, so here is a list of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good
The tracks look great! I mean outstanding job on the final touches and designs.  Sound is nice, cars weight feel right, and the tougher AI means we can go more than 10 laps on figure eight without half the field being crashed out. Cars look nice and you fix the cheesy blinding cracking windshields!!

The Bad
I still feel like track design is a bit lacking.  Some of community designed tracks are just amazing.  I would like to see more elevation change in tracks, bigger jumps etc.  The tracks we have now are great for a racing game, but this is more of smashing game.

The Ugly
Career mode. What a mess.  If I did the math correctly, to score 2200 points to move to the next league, you would have to win every race in every division.  Wow what a grind.  Despite that, I still was inclined to grind through it, but ran into a major bug in the destruction derby.  On day four, I had the mud pit, but couldn't finish the day.  Every time I would win the finale race it would flip back to the first qualifier of day 4.  Also, my game was crashing frequently in this mode, which means any progress you have made on multi-race day was lost.  I've also found the final points added up for a series was incorrect. I won all four races of one of the series, but had 160 out of 400 points.  Basically, I was never going to get to the league because of the bugs and gave up playing.