Author Topic: The Good and the Bad  (Read 241 times)


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While nearly all of us love the way Wreckfest is coming along and having a blast playing it, it has some things that inevitably need to be worked on, as do all early access games. With that noted I would like to address some complaints and give some complements. First off, I love this game and it is so much fun to play. For an early access game, I've spent nearly 200 hours on it already and will continue adding hours on it, the damage is amazing and the racing is so much fun. But one of the things that annoy me is the way the championships are set up. There is a mix of normal bangers racing, and there is on the other half, derbies. While I love going into a derby occasionally, I don't enjoy it as much as racing and I can't complete a championship without spending hours on derbies that I don't want to take part in. I'd suggest doing it like Flatout 1 did, the normal campaign has many races, while the bonus had stunts and derbies that were optional to get some extra money or have fun in but were not mandatory. The other major offence I have with the game is that in the most recent big update in January, there were many changes to the sound of the vehicles, most that I really didn't like at all. I understand if you have a high revving inline 4 engine sounding like an annoying insect, but please have all the V8's sound like real V8's are meant to sound like. As most V8's are now, they sound like glorified lawnmowers, please fix this BugBear. The sounds you had for the V8's in the previous update sounded amazing and meaty! Just the way they should. But overall, I love this game and can't get enough.