Author Topic: Starting every race in 1st pol  (Read 1099 times)

Janne Suur-Näkki

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That's a good question and I'm not 100% but my gut-feeling is that you need to go back to the menu, otherwise the start position remains the same.


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With a random position, you can't control your start position. It's fairer now, I think. If you want to start last, upgrade your car. If you want to start first, downgrade your car. Easy and fair solution. If it's possible, an info about what start position you will have before loading the track would be nice.


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Definetly random in my opinion.

Janne, would I get a random start if I do a restart or would I have quit race and start race again from the menu to get a random car start?

Well if u look at the other random options for example random weather u dont get random weather every time u justpress restart, so i think its the same with grid right now (same was in fo2)

Oh... too late sorry I didnt noticed the second page in forum  :-X

To add something - would like to see custom ai cars with random customizations and asembly
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