Author Topic: Suggestion for a 3rd "edition" of wreckfest  (Read 146 times)


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I am a big fan of wreckfest and all its recent progress and spotted the option to buy/upgrade to the Deluxe edition. One of the exclusive features included in the "pack" is a backer car, unobtainable anywhere else.

There are a couple of issues (minor inconveniences) with this though.

   I am unsure whether or not to buy this because of the simple fact that i dont know what car i will recieve. I wouldnt want to spend 13 euros on a car i might not have interest in driving.

   If the car is appealing to you, you might still not want the soundtrack or the wallpapers meaning that youre spending 13 eur on 1 car.

Optimally, i would like the option to purchase these 3 separately aswell. That way more people can get specifically what they want. Im also hoping that the backer car will be revealed before the digital deluxe edition is removed from the store (if that is even happening, that is),  so that everyone is clearly shown exactly what their getting.

Is the digideluxe edition even going off sale, lol, or did i just misunderstand everything?
Will the backer car be revealed?
Will there be the option to purchase Wallpapers, OST, car separately?
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