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Overall the game is very fun, i can't remember if i have had recently so much fun with any racing game, but I have some ideas/adjustments to make the game even better.

Tracks, handling and weather: FO1 had a uniquely slippery handling, Wreckfest not really, which is still fun, but it would be good to have a slippery option, for example rain (or simply post-rain wet environment) as a weather option? Ppl who like to have more slippery physics could choose it, others can stay with the actual conditions.
If we are at weather: sunset should result more yellowish colors i think. Overall graphics is nice, system requirements are also better than average.

a virtual rearview mirror... was already discussed.
a live counter for the "bonus targets" would be good. Categories are not always clear. Eg.: what is cause 500 damage? Damage worth 500$, 500 XP, etc? Crash "x" other racers. What is recognized as a crash? Sometimes I feel I crashed enough, but i don't get the star for it. A live and visible in-race counter for these achievements would make it clear.
Hitting, crashing, wrecking is fun. Why not make it worth and rise the number of opportunities? Nitro & heavier track objects (tires, advertisement boards, fences etc) & more objects to crash  (barn grandstand etc). The purpose: in the actual version it isn't worth to smash the objects, and they feel unreal too easy/lightweight. If they were heavier it would give a more realistic behavior, and getting some nitro for hitting objects would make it worth to hit these objects.

What about "minigames" like long jump,, darts, curling, bowling,  etc?

Cars: some are well recognizable (Saab 96, Ford Ranchero, Fiat 850, Toyota Supra etc), some not really, this may be developed.
Eastern bloc inspired car(s) would be good. A Trabant as an FWD alternative, or a popular Lada, of which quite many were imported to the homeland of the devs? i think they would well fit into the atmosphere of the game. Take it as a minor wish :)

Please tell me your opinion about these ideas.


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I've put many hours into the game after the initial post, and I've found one thing to mention.

overall the AI is good in the game, but it happens often that the opponents in the first or first two places just "escape". The majority of the cars race together with a small gap between each other, which is really fun, because you have the opportunity to crash and wreck a lot. These activities slow you and the others in the nearby down. Meanwhile the 2-3 cars that escaped shortly after the start of the race, just make a bigger gap. So if you crash and have fun in the first 1-1,5 laps, then you need to drive about one lap in "vacuum" (you leave the majority behind and you begin to catch the leading 1-3 cars) and with a bit of luck you can get the first position during the last lap, and win.

I think it would be much better if all the AI racers would drive with similar skills and the whole field would stay together. It is not necessary to make the leaders slower, it would be also fine if the middle/ first half except the leaders of the filed would drive better. Or any changes that make them not to scatter the field.

I hope, that this was constructive criticism and helps you to make the game even better!


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I agree, the tracks should have more destruction opportunities and objects.
For example, a track where you go through a building or barn, or a train crossing.


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I think that tiny bit of sim left in the game should be held onto like a baby would. The game has already altered so much into an arcade racer to help the poor drivers get around the track.
Go BIG or go home!


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I totally agree with bulba,Flatout was a very good game of derby destruction . The game should be much more nervous for the arena mode. Nitro will add a little speed and fun.
It would take arenas not too big with more jumps, obstacles and traps (like the Next Car Game physics engine Demo map). it will make it possible to avoid having to roll 20 minutes behind someone to be able then to destroy it  ;)


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I don't mind arcade-like game modes (as optional spinoff-modes) as long as the car handling isn't touched anymore. (Making that even more arcade would be a severe mistake)

You could keep the more realistic Banger Races and add this wacky stuff as "bonus" mode. I suggested in another thread, that extra obstacles on track (such as Ramps) could be a separate mode. You can add stuff like ramps to a track, without making it permanent track feature. In real life SuperTruck motorsport, they use perfectly normal circuits, and just drag the ramps there just for the occasion. After SuperTruck is over, ramps are gone.

Driving through a barn etc. would require their own tracks. Which would be another game. I don't want silly stuff like that as permanent track feature.
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