Author Topic: Thoughts of an oldschool FlatOuter  (Read 114 times)


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Overall the game is very fun, i can't remember if i have had recently so much fun with any racing game, but I have some ideas/adjustments to make the game even better.

Tracks, handling and weather: FO1 had a uniquely slippery handling, Wreckfest not really, which is still fun, but it would be good to have a slippery option, for example rain (or simply post-rain wet environment) as a weather option? Ppl who like to have more slippery physics could choose it, others can stay with the actual conditions.
If we are at weather: sunset should result more yellowish colors i think. Overall graphics is nice, system requirements are also better than average.

a virtual rearview mirror... was already discussed.
a live counter for the "bonus targets" would be good. Categories are not always clear. Eg.: what is cause 500 damage? Damage worth 500$, 500 XP, etc? Crash "x" other racers. What is recognized as a crash? Sometimes I feel I crashed enough, but i don't get the star for it. A live and visible in-race counter for these achievements would make it clear.
Hitting, crashing, wrecking is fun. Why not make it worth and rise the number of opportunities? Nitro & heavier track objects (tires, advertisement boards, fences etc) & more objects to crash  (barn grandstand etc). The purpose: in the actual version it isn't worth to smash the objects, and they feel unreal too easy/lightweight. If they were heavier it would give a more realistic behavior, and getting some nitro for hitting objects would make it worth to hit these objects.

What about "minigames" like long jump,, darts, curling, bowling,  etc?

Cars: some are well recognizable (Saab 96, Ford Ranchero, Fiat 850, Toyota Supra etc), some not really, this may be developed.
Eastern bloc inspired car(s) would be good. A Trabant as an FWD alternative, or a popular Lada, of which quite many were imported to the homeland of the devs? i think they would well fit into the atmosphere of the game. Take it as a minor wish :)

Please tell me your opinion about these ideas.