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Right now, engine upgrades in NCG all do the same thing, which is just make the power and torque graphs steeper with a single modifier.

Imo there should be more options to affect the engine, for example: the race air intake adds, say, 5% power, 2% torque, and 0% to the rev range, while the race camshaft could add 4% power and torque, and add 10% to the variables relating to max revs, peak power and peak torque.

This would probably also negate the problem that the current system has where some fully upgraded cars handle terribly as they have too much torque and power too early, as well as allowing for balance changes later on if a car becomes too op by lowering just the power or torque of some upgrades.

I hope you can take this suggestion on board as it would make upgrades more interesting than they are now
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