Author Topic: Should i stop playing this game or there is a soltuion.  (Read 408 times)


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So, i recently played a couple of races on wreckfest, but something already destroyed my experience with this game. Its unfair as hell.
I dont give a flying fuck about sinlgeplayer, i went for multiplayer and guess what. I cant use vehicles that other people uses. Im literally fucked, i have a 200 points car, others have 300 points car. And it doesnt matter how you drive, they have better car and thats it.
So, is there a way to play fair online, or should i just stop playing?


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GIEVEPIX or GIVEALL would be a nice options.


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You can download freemarket mod or cheat and give yourself unlimited money
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Or do Deathmatch derbys with AI lawnmowers and you take a car. To build up exp and $$.

But please don't give up racing online Iwasawa.

Wreckfest could of been like GIRD 2 where it took me a month to final get rid of slow loaner car for one the higher classes and be competitive. I would just pull the loaner car off to the side and let guys been racing GRID 2 longer than me, pass with their faster cars. If I did not do this, they label to pit me in passing.  :P
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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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rah. seen people do just fine with B cars online. good car alone wont win you races against people. I never drive maxed out cars either, I like my bumbers and roll cages on.


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Thanks for the tips, this is exactlly why i wrote here. I want to continue racing online, just with better chances.