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I've been playing Wreckfest quite a bit lately.
Noticed that there was an update quite a while ago that added music. which is awesome.

But, is there any reason as to why the music doesnt play during races/events? to me, it feels kinda weird to only have the music in the menu and no music while racing.
I obviously look back and compare Wreckfest to FO1- UC and the Burnout series which had amazing soundtracks both in the menu and while racing.
To the people that absolutely hate the idea of having music while racing, lets have an option so that you can mute all music during races?

one last thing, right now, imo, the song list is a big mess of different genres. Dont get me wrong, its nice that its not only rock-ish songs, but techno, DnB and dubstep feels so out of place in a game like this.