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in MY idea world wreckfest would need....


1) over view cameras that record the whole race without me having to, perhaps a aerial view as we run lots of leagues and as the community grows across the game this would be very helpful - even if its only admin that can re watch the whole race.

2) would be awesome for cars to be able to drive onto the starting grid in a position we want - or another admin feature that does this

3) Server mute for drivers having a meltdown - admin feature

4) multi player server browser - joinable servers at the top or a feature where you can show only joinable and or world location ie .. UK - USA - etc

5) real life radio station or podcast instead of that current music ( Sorry not a fan) Eurotruckers allow such - again admin feature if need be

6) Banned users BANNED, not just until the server CRASHES (we wont go there as i know your working on the still broken servers)

7) Server messages as a pop up in Game - a / code in server admin ?

8) when a server crashes users get pinged to a joinable server - server admin feature to link 2nd server

9) a feature to add speak partner such as discord in the game - not only will this be cool for PC but online console gamers too

10) Bug Bear appreciation events - Free T Shirts etc

11) UK based affiliate Partner :)

12) one of the devs to come to SAMS or UK Bangers Discord to say hello and do a short Q and A #Communication 

Thanks for Reading :)

1) Good idea, sort of like a highlight real would be useful.
2-4) Probably in the works
5) Not going to happen
6-8) Probably in the works
9) That's kind of useless...
10) Just no
11-12) Not sure what you mean by an affiliate partner. If you want to ask them questions, you can do it on the forums.


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