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Another idea i though would be really fun, and compliment the already visceral and destructive game play is trailer racing.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, just look it up on YouTube.  You tow a trailer behind you.  You can have various types from little pull behind campers to wacky creations.  They add another layer to the physics chaos and more destruction is always fun!


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Bugbear would like to give us trailer races someday, they have done some testing.  :D

I'm thinking Bugbear will need to DNF your car once your trailer is de-hitch from car, so only players with a trailer still connected to car can finish race.

Trailer\ caravan races be a great why for Bugbear to show off their soft body damage model. :)
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If not, give the tools to the community to achieve this if possible. I can imagine it being a lot of fun with the engine they've got. :D
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