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These are game modes from test trive eve of destruction that should be added to the game. Maybe under different names. But eve of destruction was a great game and these modes would make wreckfest 10xbetter.
Would also need to add other vehicles like school buses. Ambulance. Hearse. Rv campers. Trailers. Etc

Jump Race - a normal race around a winding course with jumps and sharp turns..

Figure-8 - race around a Figure-8 track with crashes in the middle

Figure-8 Jump - the same as Figure-8, but with jumps in the middle for airborne crashes.

Suicide - half the cars go one way and half go the other way, leading to head-on collisions.

Flagpole - somewhere on the track sits a flagpole; every lap you must drive a circle around the flagpole before continuing.

Stop-and-Go - you must stop completely in the box marked on the track before you can go again.

Forward-Backward - drive one lap forwards, then go the other way around the track in reverse gear.

Whip Around - drive around the track one direction, then do a quick 180 and go back the way you came.

Gauntlet - take control of a hearse and try to complete five laps while other cars aim to take you out.

Last Man - each lap, the last-place car is eliminated from the race until only one remains.

School Bus - drive a school bus and race against other school buses.

No-Rules - a standard race around an oval track.

Shortcut - the back half of the field gets to take a shortcut to catch up to the leaders.

Demolition Derby - destroy other cars and try to make your own car survive.

Wrangling - destroy the target car as quickly as possible.

Push Off/Knock-Out - like Demolition Derby, but you can shove opponents out of the ring to eliminate them as well.

Red Rover - race back and forth from one safe zone to another; each time, the last car to make it to the safe zone is eliminated.

Detention - cars try to reach the destination, while a school bus tries to stop them.

Point-to Point - race from checkpoint to checkpoint while other cars slam into you going for the same spot.

Trailer - pull a trailer behind your car and take out opponents' trailers, but don't lose your own.

Chain - similar to Trailer, but with a car chained behind you.

Soccer - get the soccer ball into the goal by ramming into it with your car.

Capture the Flag and Battle - multiplayer-only modes.


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Most are already in game,just slightly different and track dependent. Along with Team race,Deathmatch (DD for points with unlimited lives)

Of the ones that are missing there's only really Capture the Flag and Battle,Soccer,Red Rover,Shortcut,Forward-Backward that are game-mode dependent

The others like Detention/School Bus/Wrangling. Lobby admin could organize.
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Hello forums!

Thought I would piggyback a thought here. How about a city themed track complete with intersections, freeway sections and bridges?

Loving this game and am very happy it is continuing forward. :)
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These are some crazy ideas  :D

Let me add one too - I've seen some community made GTA 5 servers, where your car would change to another one every lap of the race. Probably impossible to make it into Wreckfest at this point, but imagine that in multiplayer, where game will randomly change your car every lap(from list of rentable cars for example) cool stuff, chaos and crazy randomness on track ;D
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