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Few suggestions:
1. Bring back possibility to change (rental) car skins in multiplayer game car selection
2. Enable car painting in multiplayer game for (rental) cars
3. Bring back sprint cup for multiplayer game
4. Add possibility to define number of laps and rounds for sprint cup
5. Add possibility to define number of laps for banger race in steps of one, all the way (now not possible after 10 laps)
6. Enable possibility to restrict driving aids and tuning options on server side
7. Enable replay video for multiplayer game
8. Enable race result files on server (and host) side
9. Does "owner_disabled" function actually work anymore?


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7. Enable replay video for multiplayer game

I would like that aswell. This game produces so many awesome scenes, it's a shame sometimes you can't watch them again in a replay.  :)

I have a few suggestions myself, but first I like to congratulate the game designers on their fantastic game. We are a group of around 10 people who are racing regularly and are hosting a server occasionally. And I think it's fair to say we haven't had that much fun for a long time. :) :D The game has made tramendous progress in the last 4 months!

Now to my (respectivly our) suggestions:

- Bring back Heavy Hitter and Mad Dog! Surely there is a way to calculate a rating for Heavy Hitter.  ;)
- An option for forcing cockpit view in multiplayer. I think cockpit view is awesome, unfortunately you have quite a huge disadvantage to bird eye view. Would be cool to have an option for forcing it sometimes.  :)
- An option for allowing resetting the car only when it's stuck (on side or roof). It's can be frustrating when you land on your roof in first corner and have to wait till the race finishes. Maybe a timer of 5 or 10 secs would be good, so that noone can misuse this option.

And the most important one:
- Is there a possibility to have some kind of a damage multiplier on servers? We noticed you changed the damage model quite a bit in the last updates and there are aspects which we like, e.g. the hitter gets less damage then the hittee. But the overall damage sensitivity has been raised which sometimes leads to cars being taken out after one or two corners. They have to wait a while and it's a bit frustrating. Plus the best tactic seems to be driving defensivly and maybe get more aggressive later in the race. But I don't think that's the intention of "wreckfest". I'm sure there are many views on how sensitive the damage should be, and that's why I think a multiplier that can we adjust would be a good solution so that everyone can use a server where it is set to ones liking.

Would be nice if one of you developer guys could give a short comment if these points are doable / not doable / on agenda and so on.  :)

Hope there will be more people buying and playing the game. We are always praising it.  :)
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