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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Howdy Wreckers,

We're pleased to let you know that a new rocking update for Wreckfest is out!


- Added two new spanking rides, MudDigger and Rocket.
- Added a number of new banger racing and demolition derby inspired paint jobs (more coming).


- Reworked championships 1–2 to offer more variety and reduce grinding.
- Added support for challenge events (for now, only one is available for playing in the first championship but more will be added).
- Added reward pool functionality to ensure player always received parts that are a) suitable for a vehicle they own and b) not already owned c) appropriate for the current series.
- It’s now possible to view the bonus objectives in the pause menu, and making progress towards the target or completing it results in an on-screen notification.
- In multi-heat events, the player start position is now randomized to the second (latter) half of the grid.
- In multi-heat events, the start order in the Semi-Final and Final is now based on the finishing position of the qualifying heats.
- Round placement history is now viewable in the series standings view.
- Finishing position is now correctly taken into an account in the career rewards calculation.
- Player final standing is now correct in the series completion screen.
- Added support for reward-only vehicles that cannot be purchased from the car dealer.
- Added AI players using cars upgraded to the next class, for example Class C > Class B.


- Added more dynamic objects to a number of tracks (Tarmac 1, Tarmac 2, Tarmac 3, Mixed 3, Mixed 7, Sandpit 1, Sandpit 2, Sandpit 3, Gravel 1, Mixed 1, Mixed 2, Mixed 4, Mixed 5).
- Added ramps and dynamic objects to Speedway 2 Demolition Arena to make the gameplay more interesting, confined the arena to the middle area.
- Fixed a number of minor and major bugs and glitches on many tracks (including proxy objects, clipping objects, terrain tears, missing collisions, etc.)
- Improved environment art and added more dynamic objects to Speedway 2.
- Improved environment art, added new assets and dynamic objects to Tarmac 3.
- Tarmac 2, added new background buildings and replaced old proxy objects.
- Big Stadium, fixed multiplayer car change location + general improvements.
- Added damage model for the dynamic barrel prop.
- Overhauled Garage, Market, Assembly, Customization, Tune and Paint views.
- Overhauled Career Series Selection and Next Race screens.
- Overhauled Custom Event views.


- Visual damage is now more dynamic and gives a better impression of sheet metal being deformed.
- Collisions between light and heavy vehicles are now better balanced, with light vehicles not appearing as feather-weight in collisions.
- Decreased the sector protection effect of the visual customization parts and/or increased the weight of selected parts.
- Removed the effect of vehicle body panels absorbing damage, so all damage goes directly to the chassis health.
- Tweaked gameplay damage for Normal and Realistic Damage to match the visual damage more closely.
- Dynamic objects now have slightly more mass to them.
- In Custom Race, the player start position is now randomized to the second (latter) half of the grid.
- In Garage, body style and size vehicle properties have been replaced with a single type property.
- Novice AI is now more challenging with less obvious rubberbanding, and the jump between the Amateur and Expert difficulty is not as significant as previously.
- AI players now exhibit a reduced tendency to avoid the player car.
- Added a placeholder Credits item to the Main Menu Misc section.


- MP: Added support for Normal/Realistic Damage in multiplayer, available in the lobby and the server settings.
- MP: Fixed two separate instances of a server crash related to situations in which the player leaves the server.
- MP: Player stats overlay is now disabled while spectating.
- Adding heavy customization parts no longer results in the vehicle acceleration stat being reduced to 0.0.
- Improved AI throttle and brake use after severe engine/brake damage when damage is set to Realistic, so that AI no longer gets stalled.
- In a Custom Event, AI now correctly uses lawnmowers when the lawnmower AI Set is selected.
- Increased the amount of mesh particles (the shrapnel-y bits and pieces) emitted in collisions.
- Mesh particles now use custom vehicle color, matching the car color they're emitted from.
- Engine block no longer gets unrealistically deformed with visual damage.
- Added leaderboards for the few tracks that were previously missing them.
- Integrated for automatic crash reporting.


- Added in-game spectator audio, crowd cheering etc.
- Updated Tristar engine audio with a new one.
- Tire wobble effect audio now plays only when there is visible tire wobbling.
- Fixed a number of minor audio issues.


- Wwise was updated to version 2017.2.1 build 6524.
- For track makers,if you want spectator sounds. You need to add custom properties to the object/s which you want to give sounds. dyn = "data/property/object/audio_crowd1"  or dyn = "data/property/object/audio_start_area" .You can do this on the model,or in bagedit after.

Thanks for the all support and have fun racing!
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Yay! Downloading now, cya on the track! <3
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Ford Bronco, didn't expect that haha  8) amazing. Blaster XL as we flatout fans know it ;)

Janne Suur-Näkki

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Yes! And not only for the old time's sake - it's a fun ride since it's so different :)

The Very End

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Someone post some pictures (of the two new cars)! I am not home on a bit of time :C
Thanks for update.


Ford Bronco, didn't expect that haha  8) amazing. Blaster XL as we flatout fans know it ;)

Look closer, that's actually a 1978 Chevy Blazer.
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  • STRmods

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    Lots of nice sounding changes, can't wait to try!

    Looks like you've been busy ;)


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    Pic of the 2 new cars and the new menu screen which is pretty cool I think


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    Pic of the 2 new cars and the new menu screen which is pretty cool I think

    wow unexpected cars ;D thanks for the pics :)

    The Very End

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    Great! Thanks for pictures.


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    Update Queued...... ::)


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    Yes! And not only for the old time's sake - it's a fun ride since it's so different :)

    Hi Janne.....Thanks for the update news.   
    On a different note....Are the fastest lap things i spoke about in the game design section going to make it to future or the final build?



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    Amazing update! Loving all features

    MudDigger is a beast!
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    I like the new visual damage. If rolling\landing physics will possibly be sorted out, it would be perfect!


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    Looking good tracks are alive now, an the Stang is pretty cool !
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