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I would like to ask if I will get in Wacky Fest Bundle also Wreckfest game as I am not very clear what does "Bundle! Wreckfest “Weekend Smasher” PC version included! " mean.

Link for purchase:

Can you please advise?


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Interesting if its still available, as the bundle is cheaper than wreckfest alone on steam.
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Yes, because of this I would like to buy it.


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Ya that offer would give you Wreckfest at support level of “Weekend Smasher”:

From old Next Car Game web page that not live any more:


Just the game, thanks!
$25 ($30)

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Bugbear current web page does not have a link to Stuntfest any more.  If buy through link and it works, will get an email from sendowl with Steam keys to Stuntfest and Wreckfest.
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