Author Topic: Hoods unlock too easily and distract cockpit view  (Read 674 times)

St. Jimmy

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I was sure there was a topic about this but I couldn't find it at all. This is very annoying if you try to race cockpit view. The realistic damage naturally is the worst and to be honest, this is the reason I don't like to play with realistic damage. Little love tap and it's waving in your view. Please increase the "Unock distance" A LOT! For example Killerbee "02_european" I'd start with increasing it 0.35 -> 1.

But I see that you can add different hood in the customization upgrades. Add option for better secured hoods at least that way please. There's no need that it gives any sector protection or weight or make it very minor thing then. I'd rather race with that because the cockpit view with constantly open hood is annoying. Thank you.

Of course now that I made the topic I found the earlier topic about this...,10603.0.html
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Also, please add a "nohood" option. It would make the cars a lot lighter, but weaker too.
And we could see the awesome engine models now that they doesn't get squashed.  :D
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As a primary cockpit driver I agree with this!  Or at least give us an "eject hood" button so when it gets damaged it can be detached!  haha


And we need old good open hood & trunk & doors option to garage.
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