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I wanted to try and gets some attention to some possible ideas that could be implemented into the game. Let me start off by saying I actually have some good ideas that I'm sure that some of the community had already talked about which would be the kinds of cars in the game as well as the performance and change of appearance. What I think the kinds of cars should be in the game should range from American compacts and full size cars either front wheel or rear wheel drive. The makes of the cars could be from the 1950's up to early 2000's.
I would like for the game to be pretty close the real deal when it comes to being a demolition styled game different ground types like mud as well wet to dry dirt.

As for customization for cars I think there should be a way to full detail a car yourself from scratch with paints styles with the ability to paint the body panels independently wheels being included. Adding numbers and letters to cars including stickers. Different exauhst types out of the hood of cars with different engine types those being 4 cylinders up to big block V8's. Something else that would add some authentic detail is the types of tires we could add like heavy tread or skid loader tires and of course tires that would be meant for pavement, but allow us to use any tire we would like for any terrain. Maybe just add other things that you would typically or could see on an American demolition derby car and any other car type that is currently used in the game.

And I know it seems to be a lot to ask for but it makes the game that much better having that type of freedom :)


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Like this?

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Not exactly what I'm thinking of but that's on the right path.