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Hello, I think there are some features and improvements missing that would satisfy everyone, so here goes.

1) Rewind feature in replay, because sometimes it's hard to catch the right moment if you have drove a lot of laps.

2) Can you maybe add instant replay feature, something what Race Driver: GRID and DiRT series has, like press ENTER while driving and you can replay last 20 seconds or so?

3) AI still needs improvements. They like to pit maneuver player but not each other.

4) Landing/rolling physics could be improved, like landing should be bit more brutal then that.

5) Some HUD is impossible to see, like in garage tuning section, it's just too bright.

6) I don't know if light touch should damage car, I was driving ten laps and car looked fine but 75% health was gone somehow.

Edit: 7) Oh, and should AI reset themselves in mid air or in rollovers, because it happens pretty frequently. Could you change that, so they don't Matrix themselves back on road or make car resets as a option, since I don't like resetting altogether.

8 ) And please make health bars as a option if I want to see them or not(especially in dedicated servers make it server wide), because I think seeing them makes it lose all the immersion this game has.

That would be all.
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