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crash after 5 - 10 seconds
Hello :)

A friend has some problems to start the game.

He started the game, and after 5 - 10 seconds the game crash and he must make a hard reset.

- 64 Bit
- GTX 1080
- CPU I7 8700k
- Windows 10

what he done:

- new install
- delete userdata
- change resolution (Full HD, 2k, 4k)
- stop anti virus
- start as admin

can some one help us pls?
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1. Turn off the computer
2. Take out your USB "wireless" equipment (headset or xbox controller or...)
3. Let the computer start up
4. Plug in your USB "wireless" equipment (headset or xbox controller or...)
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Do you have do this every day you play Wreckfest?

Or you only had do this the one time and now Wreckfest start up fine after computer been turn off and USB device still plugged in when start computer? If you had time to test this.
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I dont have this problem. A friend has this problem. I ask him :)

He can play If he has USB wireless headset not plug in while boot the computer.

The Xbox Wireless controller freeze always