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How to start.. I love Wreckfest and I just want to say thanks to developers for doing such a great job giving us a lot of content recently...

I'd like to contribute with some ideas as well.. I am not sure what is your plan and how much time you guys have until you'll push it to version 1.0 so consider my post as my personal wishlist and feedback for current progress. BTW, I have no clue how hard it might be to implement these ideas so, as I said, consider it just as ideas you might or might not like.. And probably crack up some beer or something, this will be a long reading. Let us begin...

First of all.. Career mode. You were developing and updating it quite a lot recently but IMO.. I am not sure if this is the right direction. Let me explain. Personally, I don't like the idea of "series" model.. We'll probably agree that it is repetitive, grindy, no matter what challenge it will include and reward one receives after it, simply because once one finishes all series, career is basically done.
The core of my idea is a "calendar" model (if some of you played Juiced, which is now like 13 years old PS2 game also ported to PC you know what I am up to). Those who don't know Juiced, you start with some budget and choose your first car (btw, would be cool if you could choose car only from your corresponding region for the beginning of your journey) after that, there is a calendar with randomly generated events (track, discipline, car class), you earn money and unlock cars and upgrades (but not receive them, just unlock for buying as you wish). And after every race you spend some of your money to maintain your vehicle. You can basically choose whatever event available fits your current mood and after that maintain, upgrade, buy new car, attend more interesting events. It more or less never ends.

This brings me to another point - disciplines (or game modes if you want):
As I was reading some comments, not everybody is satisfied with the fact that they are forced to play for example arena derbys, some people on the other hand might find boring race events if they appreciate more smashing and crashing things. Also, there are literally two factions of racers. Some prefer clean racing, some prefer no rules banger races (and also probably derbys). My idea is to differentiate it a bit and add another mode "clean racing" (maybe with rules to prevent cutting the track, doing excessive damage, etc? - not necessarily, but mentioning it for consideration). It could also benefit from "real damage" mode, you have implemented recently which would kind of force ppl into this clean racing policy.
Next up, banger racing. To further differentiate racers and bangers, banger racing might be based on points received during races multiplied by finishing position. Let us say I get 3000 points for pitmaneuvers, rams etc. and finish at the 5th place so the points get multiplied by, for example 0.7 for the final 2100 points from the race. Someone finishing in 2nd place with 2300 points would get it multiplied by lets say 0,9 ending up with a total of 2070 points. At the end, points would determine the final result of the banger race. (If I remember right, I am stealing this idea from Destruction Derby Raw on PS1 - yeah, I know I am old schooler, or maybe just old :D)
Did I mention DD Raw? Bring us Skyscrapers to derby events - that was the freaking best mode of all. Even if you didn't play DD Raw I guess you got the idea - last man standing derby event on a skyscraper (or some elevated platform), pushing everyone from the ledge - memorable and genius!

So we ve got different disciplines. By connecting this feature with the calendar career, one would simply choose what he wants to play with feeling free to skip  modes he don t want to play that often. But what is the point of career then you asking? I'll borrow another thing from Juiced - let's call it "respect points" or "popularity" or whatever: For example player who strictly prefers clean racing and is attending mostly just racing events would get respect points from this discipline, meaning that he would unlock just corresponding items - engine modifications, tyres (I hope you bring this feature back so we can choose which tyres to use for each track) etc.. on the other hand derby players would unlock mainly bumpers and durability stuff etc.

Next point - Sponsors and contracts:
There is currently a ton of decals on cars and I was wondering how cool it would be you do have to actually deserve that goddamn decal and saying to a friend "hey, I am sponsored by Handon and they gave me this super awesome engine upgrade you cannot buy and only access it by being sponsored". So?.. How about implementing it into a career? Besides of classic events (race, bangers, derby) how about adding these too? "Sponsor event" maybe even with some background message like "Hello new rising star, we are currently looking for a racer that would represent our brand in races, blah blah blah, pass the challenge and we might sponsor you with some unique parts/maintenance discount/VIP prices on parts/new exotic car (you remember when I mentioned at the beginning, it would kinda make sense to have access only to some region cars?) etc." It could also work as time limited contracts for some unique upgrade parts or rather you might be challenged by some rival who would like to steal your sponsorship contract. Also, might work as challenge during regular races "wreck this guy here during this race and you might get contacted for sponsorship by this and that brand. I think this especially would bring some life to career mode to avoid repetitiveness. Now connect it with "respect points" mentioned earlier - more respect in specific area, more sponsorship offers and less challengers to steal the spnsorship.

Last big point - Leagues and connection of career and multiplayer
I know many people will enjoy the game just for multiplayer experience and meeting with friends on the server, however I think career and multiplayer could bring synergy. How about bringing some official multiplayer races under the auspices of career. You have your variety of career cars in garage with current upgrades and stuff so why not bring it to an official multiplayer event where one could utilize its career progress and special parts from sponsors? Like for example, every other weekend the official race would be held and before it there would be some kind of qualification time attack event to distribute players into groups. And BTW, did I mention team races? Would fit perfectly to official events... And the reward? Title for multiplayer and some kind of record to commemorate your qualifying, attendance in the finals or victory, some special car skin, etc. I think it would be awesome, connecting to some unofficial public server and let everybody see the "July 2k18 class B banger racing champion" :)...

That would be it for career mode. Next I have some ideas about specific parts and customization and gameplay mechanics:

Gear shifting: in some version o NCG, I remember I was able to shift like 3 gears at once with no problems, only depending how fast  I was able to push the button between actual shift and it was somehow removed. It has frustrated me since then. Take the situation you get pitmaneuvered at high speed and you need to quickly shift to reverse and then back to like 3rd gear so you don t loose that much speed. I am begging, bring this back...

Tyres: self explanatory, there are tracks which consist of different surfaces so I think choosing proper tyres might bring some tactics to races

Weather conditions: making new track is awesome, but I guess it is quite time consuming for you when designing and developing new ones, so why not implement weather conditions by just making some surfaces more slippery (also would go hand in hand with tyre selection). Also, variable weather conditions like cloudbursts during races would be pretty awesome further expanding the possibilities.

Suspension and differential customization: current state of free selection between suspension and differential setting is perfectly fine for multiplayer and custom event, but in career, I think they should be unavailable in a beginning (starting with open dif) or at least pretty expensive to buy since everybody goes with locked dif and mostly stiff (or at least I guess). Also Suspension upgrades might work this way: higher tier -> wider settings range

Out of track surfaces: I think it should be way more punishing to go off track. Make grass more slippery and even more bumpy and especially sand on tarmac courses should really, like REALLY slow one down (Yes I am looking at you Tarmac 3). even though I commonly use offroading to hit the apex more easily it kind of bothers me to see nice track design ruined by this. (OR, let me choose paddle tyres - which would absolutely suck on tarmac but wouldn't suffer from a speed penalty that dramatically)

Paint jobs and default damage: I know this is no NFS underground, but it would be great to restore the car entirely. Take Tristar or Boomer for example, each has that bare metal sheet or same rusty spots. Let me polish that, get rid of rust, I love my car, I want it to look good and smooth (like Boomer RS), even though it will end up in flames and without one wheel at the end of the day. And hey, you got an idea for a sponsor that will enable restoring the car :D

Sponsor decals and starting number: starting number is no brainer and I believe you will let the player choose the number so just mentioning it for different fonts and styles. And decals.. well, would be great if you let the player customize. Nothing too big - predefined spots for decals, what size (small, medium, large), what color varieties (original or black and white).

Aerodynamics: No, I don't mean downforce and this kind of rocket science but adding aerodynamics as a stat makes sense to me, meaning that car with low aerodynamics stat would have harder time to further accelerate at high speed , unlike the same car with better aerodynamics stat. Like, take the car with the windshield and with those bars, doesn't that make sense that car with windshield would cut through air much easily? Also spoilers and front bumpers might be influencing this stat.

Engine sounds: I guess there are several threads about it so I will not explain.. I don t necessarily think Tristar needed a new engine sound that badly as some American cars and I know it's up to personal taste, but holy cow Roadcutter and many others sounds like a cat in the dishwasher instead of a muscle car engine.. for inspiration Mad Max had awesome engine sounds IMO, every single one of twelve engines there sounded differently and everyone was awesome

"TLDR" I know, but still I hope you' ll read it and maybe find some ideas useful... Keep up the good work!


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Nice thoughtful post HardcoreSHIFT. I not much of a career mode guy, I mainly race online. But will give career a go come final version release. So won't comment about career mode.

Did I mention DD Raw? Bring us Skyscrapers to derby events - that was the freaking best mode of all. Even if you didn't play DD Raw I guess you got the idea - last man standing derby event on a skyscraper (or some elevated platform), pushing everyone from the ledge - memorable and genius!

I'm a big fan of King of the Roof and King of the Hill derbys.   :D

A King of the Roof would help make Last Man Standing derby more fun online. Tactic now is to go easy at start of derby, save your car. But if LMS King Roof Event, winner is only player still on roof, sandbagging be less effective. :)

And King of the Roof be good for Deathmatchs and team Deathmatches!  :D

There is a track surface option that can be using in track making that can kill off cars that fall on it, in Wreckfest.

At 7:10, you can see last 2 cars fall to their death:

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Make oversteer - understeer slider.

Now that is random understeer - oversteer in same car same track even rear balanced brakes.
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Well done HardcoreSHIFT.
I agree with your long write-up. I hope BB devs can implement some of these good aspects.  :)
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