Author Topic: Making own careers isn't possible to do anymore. Game crashes.  (Read 814 times)


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Any idea what's the Event Id for Speedway 2 outer oval loop(that new layout for speedway) 2? Tried: "speedway2_outer_oval_loop" didn't work  :'(

Server console when type in tracks, says - speedway2_oval_loop
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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thx a lot I found it already, I was so close it's id was speedway2_oval_loop  ;)
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Hmm. Copying the second regular career series folder (cs02) and renumbering it to cs12 and also renumbering each of the files inside and then packaging as a mod results in a crash.

I also changed the text names for each day slightly by a few characters.

Oddly, I noticed that instead of showing 0 progress for the new series, it will show 5/3400 progress instead of 0/3400 progress. Clicking on the series icon (or the icon for any other series) results in a crash.

Since noticing that 5/3400, I tried changing cs12 to some number that I don't think that I've used before (cs29).  At the series selection screen that showed 0/3400 as it should but still crashed when I clicked on it.

I'll try a different number. I may have used cs29 before.

JohnBlackhills, the name of that new route that you asked about is  speedway2_oval_loop. You can find the names in \data\property\event inside each subfolder. speedway2_outer_oval is the name of the regular oval outer loop. Edit: beat me to it.