Author Topic: The Very Livery pack !  (Read 888 times)

Hi bangers !
I started to make few liveries for official cars ! :)
Every livery (designs) is a new one, it does not replace the original ones !
They are all customisable in the color menu, and you can add your skin on top of it !

I plan to add some everytime I got a new idea !

Here is the link to the workshop mod !

I'm waiting for your feedback !  :)

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Looks promising. :)

Did you add more rust and scratches or was it on the cars before ?

I like the liveries but not the one on the Mustang. You should change that to a different style.  ;)
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Thanks,  :)
I do not add any rust, I just do livery, not skin, so you can have it under your skin if you want !

For the rocket one, I will keep it but make more later !  ;)

Every livery presentation is made with "no decals" skin !

Do you like my new Rammer Livery ?
Id' like to have your opinion !