Author Topic: Problem with dedicated server (eventloop, can't launch server) after update  (Read 623 times)


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Good day!

I've tried to fix my server after latest Wreckfest update. Before the update my server ran smootly, but now I'm getting grey hair while trying to get it work.
One problem is that I can't get my server to run. And if I get the server cmd window doesn't accept /eventloop. I don't get any feedback does it work or not.
The server config what I'm trying to get to work:

What I mean with "if I can run server" is that sometimes server isn't starting at all (flashes cmd window), and sometimes it starts but the settigns are slightly different comparing to server config file (settings are the same but track is different, or log path is different... happened when tried to launch server "normal" way from Wreckfest folder).

I've tried to get /eventloop to work with original server_config.cfg file, where I removed # marks before each events.
default server_config.cfg file with small edits:

On Steam I've validated Wreckfest files, also tried to remove server related files and redownloaded.

People on Discord tried to help me but we didn't find solution.

I found somewhere that my server crashed because error code 107341819 (Server terminated with exit code:-1073741819). I found one thread where was this error code and it was my old thread about listing all error codes:

Also I found out (I've tried to run my server with Wreckfest Server Manager and from Wreckfest files) that I've got multiple error reports in ../crash/db/reports when trying to launch Wreckfest server... (pic below)

I opened latest report with my Visual Studio and what I found with my expired license:
Process Name - Wreckfest.exe C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Bugbear Entertainment\server\Wreckfest.exe
Process Architecture - x86
Exception Code 0xC0000005
Exception Information - The tread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

About "appropriate access" I haven't changed files' or folders' chowns neither chmods (owner and usage rules). (I'm using Windows, but didn't know how to say same in English, easier to use linux terminal commands :D )

Hmm.. maybe I told everything what I remembed. I'll read this through after sending and add more stuff if something is missing.

EDIT1: Fixed grammar errors, tried to make it easier to understand..


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Thanks for St. Jimmy, we got my ded. server to work.
The reason why I had problems was the row "frequency=high".
After commenting it out with # mark ("#frequency=high") server works and takes /eventloop command.

Was my row "frequency=high" on wrong place or is there a bug?

EDIT: After multiple testings I found out that if I add that row server doesn't work correctly. Could be on any place in config file.

St. Jimmy

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So there are now two problems with the server files provided by the base game. I confirmed this by downloading a completely new install. The problems are:

start_server.bat doesn't read the server_config.cfg file at all. You need to manually edit that in the .bat file. I reported that in this topic a while ago,10467.0.html and I'll post the fix also below:
This is how the start_server.bat looks inside:
Code: [Select]
@echo off

start /B server\Wreckfest.exe -s

This is how you should make it to look like by default:
Code: [Select]
@echo off

start /B server\Wreckfest.exe -s server_config=server_config.cfg

Then the second problem is that the server_config.cfg has
Code: [Select]
frequency=high The server doesn't even start with that and you need to remove or comment it out just like Finsku wrote above.

These two issues cause two behaviors with people who start to run servers now:
First they usually wonder why their eventloop doesn't work. Well the actual reason is that the server isn't even running the config they've edited. Could naturally be confirmed with the ? command.
After they've fixed that then the second issue happens. The server crashes because the current config file is bugged.

You really should hotfix those two things so every new server runners don't need to copy an old files from some veteran admin or come in the forums and ask the same thing over again. Then there are naturally people giving up because it just doesn't work right at start.
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Is that "frequency=high" still a problem and reason for server crashes?


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Is that "frequency=high" still a problem and reason for server crashes?

After update I tried that option with low and high value and no, I didn't have any crashes.