Author Topic: Car upgrades... rudimental?  (Read 392 times)


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I still remember Bugbear promising delivering Streed Rod-like experience when cutomizing your car parts, this idea was scrapped completely and now we have FlatOut-like upgrade system where all parts you buy seem to only affect engine HP. I suppose it is also true for WF, am I wrong?
Upgrading car feels like a chore with me having to manually choose every part which are straight upgrades to each other, lots of part types and most of them have very little effect to perfomance, so what's the point in all of it? To bore me out of idea of trying another car? FlatOut 2 in multiplayer had straight upgrade line which was very convenient to use and was very useful for balancing out game, why not use it here? Yes, just like that.
I know why people would've still like manual part upgrades for single, but I don't see anyone liking getting through all those menus, so why not instead of having every part installed inividually have them in groups, where you can purchase and install street, sport or race group or change it all at once for significant price with significant perfomance effect?

Also why does extra weight decreases class? It shouldn't, it's just different option, not a handicap. Do bumpers, cages and side bars have any effect on the side they are installed on or do they just increase abstruct weight and strength?