Author Topic: March Update 2  (Read 11605 times)

Ryan Callan

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The latest update certainly seems to have more push under throttle for the Nexus, than the previous build, nerfing it a little. Previously the throttle would almost 'pull' the car round the corner. Starts are even worse in the car now, all of which points to more diff slip and therefore less traction under throttle.


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Great update, especially the reduced damage for attackers works great.  Also the Trackdesign, destructable signboards, tirestacks etc. are great implemented. The updated Trackdesign  with some hills and jumps is on the right "track". Please more of that.   In the earlier stage of the game it was too easy to get lost on the side of the track, really glad to see that pretty much fixed now. 

The damage seen on the car seem to be quite scaled back with the last March Updates, which seems a step back to me.
Maybe its possible to add an option to choose between  :

very deformed damage (like in early beta) - heavy damage (before March Update) - normal Damage (now status) etc
Personally I really liked the softbody-deformations.  Less looks pretty much like the usual 08/15 standard Racing games, its important to show "damage"  to be a Wreckfest.

The Main Menue looks pretty good, however I would like to see it overworked a bit ( Changing the Car is still a bit too troublesome by going back to the first menu )