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Strane car engine sounds mostly in the distance from AI cars (like you could hear a bees around u)

More details:
- From the latest march update 2 some car engines (especialy american one) have strange engine sounds. It's like you could hear a bees around you.. sorry don't know how to explain it but they seem to have some king of high pitch of some part of their engines. And I can tell 100% that it was not doing that in update 1

- didn't changed any audio options
- tried also without mods 24 and 16 ai drivers still same result
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More Info about this issue - better explained by FalconXY:

Another thing besides the damage model: AI engine sounds

I think after the 2nd March update the AI engine sounds behind me making a strange hissing sound.
It's really disturbing.
I have checked it on YT videos and on the 1st March update the AI engine sound was normal and in videos from the 2nd update they sound weird. Like high pitched wasps chasing me.

Do I only hear that or do some of you noticed that too ?

It might be the sound of the "Rammer". Was that sound changed in the update ?
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Thank you for bringing that up again.  :D
Good that I'm not the only one hearing that annoying noises.
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Having the same issue sporadically. Will go away as soon as the game is restarted.
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