Author Topic: Will tracks ever have names?  (Read 440 times)


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Rather than the 1,2,3,4 numbering convention, will the tracks be named properly. Such as Gravel being called Oakwood park etc


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Yes I would like to see other names too.
It's easier to remember which track was which with real names.

And one thing about selecting tracks

Example: On the track selection I have the mouse on Sandpit1 (the orange box is around that), then use the mouse wheel to scroll to Mixed 2 and select that track. Now it shows the different layouts like reverse. OK.
If I click back then it jumps back to Sandpit1 instead of Mixed 2. Why is that ?  :o

Now I have to scroll a longer way again to get to Mixed 3.

And please store the number of selected laps for each track !!!
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That would be cool, the amount of times I go from a 15 lap figure 8 to a 15 lap sandpit race - nooo!