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Halal Meats

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This is probably an un-popular opinion, but I thought I would share it anyways. Keep in mind the first (and only) Bugbear game I ever played was Flatout 2, though I played Flatout 2 quite a lot.

In the game's current state, I am a bit disappointed with the level of "craziness" in the game. It all feels a bit too... real, to say the least.

Just to start out, I think the handling is a lot better than Flatout 2's handling. I think they have been trying to balance under-steer and over-steer for a while now, and I'd say in its current state the back slides a bit too easily and is too predictable. Though, I can say I prefer this to before when I felt like the car simply wouldn't turn if I put the power on through a curve. I don't want them to make the handling arcade-style, and I think they are getting close to making it perfect.

AI Driving Style:
This is probably the biggest issue I see. The AI is really all over the place in what they do. Before this update, on the middle difficulty I would sometimes see AI just skid off the track like the driver fell asleep and the car just drove off-course. Other times, I would get some guy in a KillerBee who just decided I was the only person he cared about and would crash me and himself into the wall every single time I started the race. Now after the update, the AI drive completely single file at times, and I don't see nearly as much crashing going on when racing on tracks that don't cross over themselves and force cars to crash. I understand the AI wants to win, but why not have the AI win by crashing everyone? I don't see the point in making the AI so tame. If I wanted tame AI I would play Forza or DiRT.
I see some people just say "go online" but why should I have to go online to get crashing in a game called Wreckfest?

Recovering from a Wreck:
A while back, I saw a post on here about someone who wanted to mod the game to add boost (by that I mean Nitrous). At first I thought that it wasn't really needed and I didn't get the point, but I have changed my mind. This game is focused on crashing, its literally called Wreckfest, but if you wreck someone most of the time you get wrecked yourself. And if someone wrecks you, most of the time your race is pretty much over. So, I think boost is a good idea, even if it isn't realistic. It means you can recover from a crash and catch up, which is important in a game where so many crashes are supposed to happen.

I know many of the players of this game want a realistic banger experience, and I get that to a point. But, most of these tracks are not memorable at the moment. The only two that really "speak to me" are Tarmac 3 and Crash Canyon/Alley. I really enjoyed the varied environments in Flatout 2. I still remember many of those tracks and I haven't played the game in ages. I enjoyed those so much I would almost pay someone to re-make them in this game. I think the ramps and number of props on the track made the game more fun and memorable. I really think this is something Bugbear could please everyone on. Why not just make a variety of tracks? Have some tame tracks that don't do anything crazy, and some that go nuts? Also, I know some mods add other crazy tracks, but why leave it up to mods? Its pretty hard to make the mod tracks as good as the in-game ones and only a few people know how to make them in the first place.

As a sort of conclusion, I want more chaos and more crashing. But, as I said above, for all I know (and from what I have read) I am in the minority here.