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Kasperski hates your .exe

This has cropped up in older builds, but its also in this March one. 

Occasionally, Kasperski will confuse the .exe with a trojan, and delete the file:

Detected object (process memory) deleted

Process memory
c:\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\bugbear entertainment\wreckfest_x64.exe

Object name

Object type
Other malware

Now, the work-around is easy enough - put Wreckfest into the exceptions list.  And Kasperski is known for this sort of false positive - but your .exe is tripping it up.

There's also a nasty crash - unrelated as far as I know - that occurred while painting one of my cars, where the screen simply went blank, the computer stopped accepting input, and the only way to clear the fault was a reboot.
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As you know Janne, I have mentioned this in the past. and you told me it's the way the file is packed. confusing some virus scanners.