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While Wreckfest is by no means boring, I gotta say it doesnt stack up to my favorite racing game, which is Flatout 2. The main difference for me is track design. Flatout 2 had a lot more crazy stuff in it, leading the race across building sites, factories, backyards, rickety bridges and so on full of stuff to crash - and strategically crashing stuff was actually a huge part of winning because it gave you boost power.
While I came to terms with the lack of boost mechanic in Wreckfest, I´m still disappointed by the racing tracks. It seems so much potential of the engine goes to waste because the tracks don´t have any strategic destruction elements on them. All the stuff you actually wreck is just decoration and the side and doesnt change how the map is played. If you had lots of big structures you could collapse, even without the boost mechanic, you could reap various benefits from this risky behavior, such as unlocking shortcuts or littering the track behind you for your opponents, It would also prevent races from becoming stale after you got the lead, as all the clutter on the track forces you to keep on your toes. We know the engine is easily capable of this, the tech demo proved that point years ago. Now we only need some creative tracks that crumble around you as you go to actually honor the name "Wreckfest".

And the thing is, you don´t have to take the traditional racing tracks out for that. They could easily coexist, so if you´re more into folk racing, there´s your sand pit inverted nr. 2, while for others like me, there is that race track through a construction site and over a football field and the backyard of a church.

I´m still not 100% where this game is headed, but when I backed it way back in the day, what I hoped for was all around car-based destruction - and I think the game can still reach this vision without compromising what it already offers.
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I still miss the FlatOut Series of game and still have them installed for a late night booty call, LOL