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The Very End

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What I am saying is that the developers should focus on the bigger task and the tasks that more people will enjoy. The clean racing group is a minority in Wreckfest' s community, meaning that the limited time left for development shoukd be used on more important stuff.

In additional, all programs is released with bugs. If they are not game breaking or if the community is not in a uproar of it - then it is one of those "nice to fix", but not a critical / must fix. Fixing all bugs is not possible. Some games that have been around for more than 10 years (age of Conan)  do still have bugs.

I agree with you that fixing it would be best, but we got to be realistic about it.

You say that the clean racing group are a minority in NCG? Most of the time when I look the majority of the players are on clean racing servers and not no rules servers etc. And that have been going on for a good while. So saying we are a minority totally not true and even IF that would be true, they should still fix problems like that so everyone can enjoy the game.

I dont understand some of you tbh, when I was preatty happy with the game and some of you "no rulers/wreckers" or I dunno what you wanna be called was unhappy I posted a comment that BB should fix that problem so we all could enjoy the game but when we racers are unhappy we should just take it as it is? That is so scuffed and unrespectfull. Next time I will just tell you to fix it yourself if you are unhappy with the game becuse why should BB do something? I mean, who even like the HP bar and that is still there? a MINORITY of ppl like it but if you dont, fix it yourself and stop complaining about it. (No not the same thing totally becuse I am talking about bugs with the FWD cars but hey, its only a minority of players it inpacts ;) )

I do not say that i do not want this to be fixed, but I say that there are more urgent matters to fix in this game than minor tweaks to one single car.

Also, nothing is released without bugs and shortcomings. It is a matter of choosing what stuff we can live with and what not.

So say we have this scenario; Studio x has two weeks work time before release of product is set. They realizes that there are a lot of shortcomings and has to prioritize what to fix. They can either fix a minor quality of life aspect, or they can work on game breaking stuff, optimization or general updating of existing stuff to please their fans. Now, they cannot chose all, maybe just 1 or 2 if lucky.
And here is the essence of it: most likely there is a release time now and what's left to do is it prioritize the most broken aspects and fix them.

If you still disagree, please find some program developing and project literature, it covers these issues in details and how / what to prioritize in much more depth than what I present here.

Ps: there are tons of things I would like fixed, but right now I don't think there is time to fix all small issues there is. Also online numbers are irrelevant. It depends on time you are looking at, what servers are available and the fact that many people play offline. We, as of this forum, is the vocal minority.
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Merhunes Dagon

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I really like this environment mix arid/desert with some vegetation.
Remember we have only 1 gravel so imagine if they are working on the next 6 gravel? Or maybe desert... But it's an old build so I hope they didn't give up this environment!


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It's an old version of Gravel 1.


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The old Gravel map looks really nice nice with all the vegetation. Makes me think about having maps that encompass
a wide variety of biomes, like Sonoran desert, coastal, rainforest or alpine. The ROMU engine is beautiful and could make
maps like these absolutely shine.
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We, as of this forum, is the vocal minority.

This right here is it.
 But in retrospect we have got things changed even from this forum.

I am glad we agree to disagree in the forums. That is why I believe the game will be a success. From all the input from everyone. Can't please everyone all time and I think Bugbear has done a great job so far.

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