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I really like Wreckfest and what it has to offer but there are some features missing to make it perfect. Here is my list of what i would like to have.

More folk race cars like a sedan volvo, bmw e30, mazda 323, lada 2107 and some opel for example.

Different weather like rain which would make it more slippery on tarmac.

Turbo and turbo sound.

Interior tachometer.

Possibilty to make custom made preset ai with ability to choose name , car , paint and custom parts and then use them as bots in races.

Spray paint tool
Test drive eve of destruction had this kind if feature that you could paint what you wanted on the car with a spray can like racing numbers , team names and different designs. Would really fit this game.

Random ai
I hate seeing the same paintjob and design on the same cars over and over again. Isnt it possible to make the ai choose a random color, random design and random livery would give the game more variety especially if you only play single player with bots.

Would love to see this added.
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