Author Topic: Consistent Damage for Race Rounds  (Read 599 times)

Halal Meats

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So I played some of the game recently and wow, loved the new update!

I've noticed that I still find the events with 3 rounds pretty repetitive, and I thought of a way to possibly spice it up a bit, for races at least. Not really sure how you would implement this, but maybe all of the cars could have consistent damage across all 3 rounds, so the whole "Race Day" event thing would feel more authentic. It would feel more like your car would actually be running 3 rounds rather than you ran the same race 3 times. Also, I think the carnage by the end would be truly amazing! Obviously, the 12 cars in the semi-final and final that were not with the player before would have to randomized somehow, and I don't know that keeping visual damage consistent would be easy... 


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Yes! this would be an amazing feature but we would also need an option to make own "Race Days" in a custom race outside of the career, also in multiplayer.


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yes yes yes please :D


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Yes this is a fantastic idea, I've haven't been on the forums in a while but I have made a few post in the early stages of the game about permanent damage, and being able to use your money to repair the damaged parts els. But over time they wear and stay bent to a certain degree until finally all they have to be replaced, this adds a great authenticity to feel to the derby genre. Test drive eve of destruction did this well.