Author Topic: Missing the Old Tarmac1 Track - new one lost its spirit...  (Read 869 times)


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Hi iam fan since the fist release of next car game / wreckfest years ago and tarmac 1 was one of my favorite racetracks. (Is there any poll function which i can use?)

Now since the last overhaul  the track  lost his style, looks like a   regular and boring  racetrack  , where are the big bridges and the the higher hills ?
There are any chance to get the version back or a modded version ?

Who thinks the same like me ?




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There's a mod that brings the old version back I think. :)

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There are any chance to get the version back or a modded version ?
Here and you can also get couple other older versions:
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I also include the old Tarmac 1 track in my GoKart Raceway Plus mod.

Will be hosting the Gokart Raceway Plus mod at the next Saturday Night Mods night, Saturday, April 14.

If you want race the old Tarmac 1 track online. :)
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All of the tracks were better in the wreckfest before the January update, they looked old and ruined like they've been raced on for decades. So was everything else. I don't get why bugbear ran around adding all the new billboards and fences and flags everywhere, the maps looked perfect and conveyed a great mood.
You're not the only person out there that thinks that.