Author Topic: Game runs very poor (low fps)  (Read 873 times)


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There anybody in the forum that getting good FPS with the 1080ti?
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I have had to replace the Power supply in a couple of computers and they displayed strange behaviors from game or program crashes to rebooting themselves.

Just a thought, is there a program to test the Power supply unit?
Two things you can't really test are power supplies and motherboards. I very highly doubt either one is the issue in this case. More likely PCIe issues with motherboard than PSU. But seeing two times the same issue from 1080Ti owners looks interesting.
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I changed my Power Supply not even one year ago and now im using this

But it worked fine it cant be my power supply right ?
My Mainboard is a little bit older ... but its pretty weird that only 1080Ti users seem to have this problem.