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Hi all,

I've been having microstuttering/FPS lag issues since the last couple of patches.
The curious thing is that the lag is not consistently present. For example, I would start a race on Sandpit 2 and have no issues whatsoever, FPS sitting at a solid 60, but in the next race in the series (campaign) on the same track, FPS will dip below 30 and gameplay goes all sluggish to the point where it is impossible to extend the lead on competitors behind me or catch up to cars in front of me. If there is no lag, the ability to extend my lead is almost proportional to the lack of lag. (If that makes sense?!  :D)

Sometimes going into the options screen during the race will improve performance, sometimes not. Starting in pole position sometimes will gain some FPS, sometimes the amount of cars/effects on screen seem to be of no consequence, positively or otherwise.

I have tried lowering resolution/details/shadows, etc, and initially that may improve performance somewhat, but the issue will return after a few races, or the next race.
The maps where this is most prevalent are Tarmac 2 (the city one), Sandpit 2 (more intermittend than on other maps), and Oval 2 (especially in the figure 8 configuration).

Is this a memory leak issue? Or Is this something the devs are aware of and will address with upcoming patches (optimization passes)?

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