Author Topic: Car Performance sets to turtle during ALL Semi-Final 2/3  (Read 204 times)


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on Semi Final Race 2/3 in every class i have raced so far my car reverts to a factory form of itself and will no longer run the way it is supposed to. In race 1/3 i can beat the field by a straight away or more .. On Semi Final 2/3 I am in 24/24 and struggle to keep an eye on anyone in front of me. I cant finish a race because it is literally impossible to keep up with them. I looked all over the internet and through the forums but found no other report of this issue.  Mind you it is only in race 2/3  race 1 I will blister their hind ends. but 2/3 I am a sitting snail and the car wont shift into first like it should at the start.  A good example would be that my Mustang on short gears for Oval 2 went from 24 to 6th in a straight and a piece of a turn.  It is pretty ridiculous .. Even worse on the bumblebee killer. (little Euro car from alpha not the new Italian)  when that one reverted in race 2/3 I was literally lapped lol.