Author Topic: IDEA - Action camera in replay mode please :)  (Read 230 times)


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Hi. I've been playing wreckfest ever since it was first launched on steam, I like the game and progress so far, but I would really, REALLY love to have "action camera" in replays.
It should select the most interesting moment and focus on that. That should be calculated based on which car took the most damage and then camera should start 2-3 seconds before the car took the damage and end 2-3 seconds after that car took the last hit.

So best moments would always be shown. I think most people would not find it useful, but as a youtuber i'd love to have this feature so that i can make really cool videos, focusing on the best moments only.


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I had a (semi)similar idea two years ago.

Streamers could also use this feature to show best parts after races for watchers.
Game could use 3rd person / first person cameras to show some actions and also cameras which are placed next to the race tracks.