Author Topic: Create Vehicle ! (BGeomerty crash !)  (Read 138 times)

Hi wreckers !
I'm trying to create a vehicle, and import it in the game. I'm just making a test !
Everything goes well to the export wi 3ds max export tool !
But when I put my body.bgo3 in the build_assets.bat it crash just after the sphere collision creation ! (The last step If I understood well !)

Does someone have a solution ?


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I dont have a solution,but at least you have an idea where the problem lies (collisions_spheres).
This is how most wreckfest modding works. Game breaks,work out where problem is (collision spheres),trial and error guessing what the problem is with that part.

Do you have collision spheres on your model?
Do they have the correct custom properties (collision model) on the spheres? I dont know the exact property for max,but you can get it from the example car.
Is their position correct relative to the model (xform reset)?
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Hey, I don't really know if the problem really lie on collision spheres ! Because it seams to pass this step !
For the collision spheres I just copied the one from example_vehicle to be sure ! And I re-XForm them ! (And it have the good property)
So I don't know, I have to keep searching !