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We have a format of dirt track speedway racing in New Zealand called New Zealand Superstocks. These are a purpose built, steel frame designed for full, high speed contact, with a highly tuned 248 cubic inch fuel injected V8. They have full racing suspension and racing tires. Teams Racing is 4v4, on a dirt oval track, 400-500m in length, with 10-15 laps. Usually it is 'first across the line', so the first car across the finish line for their team wins. In a tournament there is a points system that is mentioned below. There are tens of thousands of people who turn up to watch Stockcar and Superstock teams racing in NZ each year. There are some other game mods around that attempt it, and have a reasonably large following, with regular championships etc, but damage modelling is poor, and from what we’ve seen requires lots of mods/custom maps etc. A game format in Wreckfest that closely matched the Superstock Teams Racing format could potentially become quite popular.

The following is a few ideas to enable a format that resembles this this style of racing.

General multiplayer stuff;

- Ability from within the dedicated server command window to assign a single user as 'Host', as the Host has more privileges from within the lobby, and also more control over other admins.
- ID # list correct – there's 2 parts to this, firstly, if the list could auto update each time a player left/joined so that it always displayed numbers sequentially. And secondly, if the list prioritised players at the top of the list and bots at the bottom.
- Admin 'right-click' ability to change the class of a bot
- Ability to have multiple versions of a single car saved. Not only would this allow a player to have a Roadslayer GT setup for speed, another one setup for hitting, but it would also allow a player to have different colours of the same car saved for the sake of easier identification in a teams race.
- More visual customisation of cars. Own numbers, font syles, sponsor stickers using in game brands, designs etc

Teams Racing specifically;]

- List the number of players and bots in each team. Maybe when in teams mode the player list could be split into an equal number of columns; 2 teams 2 player columns etc.
- Option for admin to be able to force team car colours so that the actual colour of the car is changed to the team colour.
- Admin able to change which team a player is in (right-click menu)
- Admin able to lock the teams that players are in. This would allow the admin to balance the teams while players would not be able to change themselves (/lockteams command maybe??)
- Admin able to change team bot is on without kicking and re-adding (right-click menu)
- Admin ability to change the class of a bot (right-click menu)
- Don’t award XP for pit manoeuvring, shunting etc team mates.
- ‘white flag’ popup, when the race leader passes the start/finish line for the second to last time – this way any block cars know the leader is on the last lap.
- A 'First across the line' win condition option. First car across the finish line after the designated number of laps wins for their team.
- A 'Finishing position' points system win condition option, as well as the current 'per lap' setting. This is better for a series of races like a tournament, and is conducive to more action as it places an emphasis on placing 1st. The system here is; 1st=100, 2nd=40, 3rd=25, 4th=20 and 5th=10. That way placings 2 – 5 make up 95 points altogether.
- This one is really important. A 2 lane, preferably bumper to bumper, alternating grid system. As it is now the grid layout makes or breaks a race. It's way to random. 3 teams = 3 lanes, 4 teams = 4 lanes.

Would be awesome to hear back. Even if it is to say that we would need to make a mod to achieve this.

Look forward to a response.


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You can have team racing in Wreckfest, can have up to 4 different teams and extra points per lap, are given from 1-8th position. At the 6:00 time mark in this video, can see a team race with 3 teams:

We've used the team deathmatch for cops and robbers:

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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