Author Topic: Another California Raceway bites the dust...  (Read 587 times)


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So long Altamont Raceway :( Me and my brother went to a few of the races over there. my bro Bob bought a drone over the weekend, and he wanted to check up on the track and make some drone footage, but much to his horror he discovered the Raceway has been closed since 2008!  I do have fond memories of the times we did watch some races. it is sad really,.. last Raceway in the Bay Area to exist. we grew up most our lives in the bay area. mainly Fremont, Livermore and Union City. anyways got 3 clips of this track. some footage of racing from 11 years ago. a little banger racing clip and my bros drone footage.

Banger Racing

Nascar Racing

Drone footage my brother took took (last weekend)

Yawns... nite'folks


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Race tracks also disappearing up here in the Northwest. :(

Another Northwest Racetrack Goes Down, Yakima Speedway Sold

Was car 80 sandbagging in the middle of the derby? Capt Crunch car 63, been derbying forever, got taken out early.

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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