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- More dirt. Cars getting dirty, tires getting muddy.
- Focus on own car during the results screen with ability to look around with right stick (and see the 'visual results' of the race :D)
- 'name plates' should be transparent and showing th eposition in front of the username
- Custom numbers as livery


- Pitstops as selectable option for long distance races (6+ laps). A drive through the pitstop will repair 35% of the cars HP
- Qualifing would be a nice to have feature for racing servers: 5 minutes for a best lap and a race that follows after that
- Paintshop has a new section called 'stickers': These are basically medals/rewards for special achievements or titles (can be anything from: 'fair driver award ot the month x' to 'won 5 races in a row')
- custom numbers for cars, addition of [XXX] clan signs and both shown in the lobby / race results

Multiplayer longterm wishes:

- Tournament or league system and a rank for individual dedicated servers with chat commands and stuff
- Auto-Download of needed mods to be able to join servers <3
- A Group/Racing team feature with an own clan tag, team colors/livery and an own pinnboard for communication and server favorites
- Server favorites tab
- More stats (favorite car, driven km, damage dealt/taken, races, wins)

General wish:

This game is fantastic gameplaywise! It has its own unique niche (similar to a game like rocket league) and has the potential to grow with mod support and dedicated servers creating little serverwide communities. I love that.

I think that an additional audience can be found by taking into consideration additional features for server owners on the one side (configuration, interaction with the ppl on server, voting systems, ranking and stuff) but also regarding streaming platforms like Twitch and their streamers/content creators. I would love to see more options regarding replays and spectator mode, cam controls and even more on screen info to add a bit of a broadcast flair to the whole experience. This is probably not interesting for the guy behind the wheel but as a streamer I would love to see some toggleable TV overlays showing the names, positions, cars, split times and infos regarding standings and takeovers, for example.


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This guy has some good ideas that resemble a few of my own from the earlier years.
Go BIG or go home!


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Very interesting ideas !


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Some excellent suggestions there JT, I'd expand on the custom numbers theme to allow custom skins without making the server a modded one.


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I would like to add that I'd like to be able to change the colour of the driver cage. A Black and Yellow car with a red cage just doesn't look good.