Author Topic: Dirt Fig8 crashing Wreckfest when in server rotation.  (Read 410 times)


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Dirt Fig8 crashing Wreckfest when in server rotation.

I have two reports now this weekend. Trabb and CFodder have told me when Dirt fig8 is used in server rotation, it has crash\locked up server.

I've done some testing and if admin switches to Dirt fig8 from the lobby, track run fine, no crash ( done it 4 times now, 3 at Trabb server and 1 at CFolder server ). Seem it just server config running Dirt fig8 in rotation crashing the game.

I see Bugbear has their official server up today. Are you running the Dirt fig8 in server rotation?

Any other server operators out there having DIRT fig8 crash their server or no crash with Dirt fig8 in the rotation?
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It appeared to actually crash the server as I kept getting restarts until I took the map out of the rotation so it would seem there's something quite wrong with it.


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Server was freezing one the first corner (i wasn't in there when it occurred, going on what a couple players told me) with a lot of bumping going on, lobby had 20+ players.

The server was showing the race as still in progress on the server listing screen, kept the player count too. First time it happened server was stuck like this all night, as i'd gone to bed!

The console window looked fine, i typed /list, which showed all the players as racing, but it wouldn't respond to any further inputs.

I triple checked the config, no typos or other stupidity.

The eventloop at BC Bangers has every track in the rotation, not had this problem before or with any other track (crash from time to time but nothing unusual).

As Purple said, happened three times over two nights, manually changing it to dirt fig 8 seems to work without issue.

The dirt oval still works just fine in loop.
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Yes, we should be running the Figure 8 but I need to double-check.

Thanks for the heads-up, we'll investigate since there must be something into this.