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Hi all, Don't know for sure if this is the right thread for this but I just booted up the game (having played earlier today) and all of my cars in the garage had disappeared, leaving me with only the Rocket in default colours without any upgrades or cosmetics saved. The market was also full as if I'd never bought any cars. I know this wasn't a career reset due to both my level still being 50 and my credit balance the same, as well as my career progress being saved. Not sure what's going on. Was this part of an update?


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It would seem something happen to your cars5.ccrs file. This the file that track what cars and parts you have bought.

If you have not made a copy of your \wreckfest early access\ folder, then you going have to rebuy you cars.

I take it since you at level 50, you got plenty of credits to buy the cars again?

Did anything strange happen? Like did Wreckfest crash while you was trying to buy a car or car parts?
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Thanks for letting me know. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary happened - my computer restarted in the middle of a race, but it's done that before without issue. At least getting all the cars back gives me an excuse to play more XD