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John Burning

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Hello everyone! It's been awhile, huh?
Okay, anyways. Bugbear made an awesome job around the optimization of Wreckfest and I fixed some issues on my computer, so FINALLY IT'S WRECKFEST TIME!!! Wa-ha-ha!
That's the first thing I want to say. Thank you Bugbear to keep on rocking and working. This game is getting better and better with every update.  Seriously, it feels like a huge celebration - the only fact that we'll finally get the resease version on our hands. Can't believe it.
So I think it will be fine if I'll give some my feedback here. Hope you still remember me [confused]. At lest I feel like it is necessary (feedback giving).
1. Vehicle moving and smashing physics. It's cool. Seriously, it feels right and the only thing I'll prefer is that moment of a "roll cage smashing" when crashing. You know, I think in the realistic physics mode it will be better if the car will be stronger around the roll cage. I don't know how much stronger (maybe around 30% stronger with a roll cage and 0% without it) but it is.
The handling is awesome. Can't remember any racing game that gave me so much fun with it in a couple of last years.
2. The tracks. Well, they're cool. Pretty different and difficult, it's interesting to racing there! Many of them remind me Russian rallycross tracks and it really feels awesome haha :D I think you should add a bit more smashable objects around and, as you already did, - give all the tires a bit more weight. Like 5-10%, not more. And it will be finally epic! Anyways, waiting for a new tracks haha :) I realy like the environment design, yeah.
3. The vehicles. They're awesome, no words. BUT! I do really hope that you'll add more of them! More american classic cars from 1950's (like an Chevrolet ElDorado), more japaneese cars from 1990's (AE 86, 200SX, for example), more european cars from 2000's and please LADA-2108 rallycross - that's the car that Wreckfest REALLY needed. It's just SO classic for racing like this - typical FWD and simple design, for C class it will be gold, seriously. And maybe LADA-2112 Rallycross or LADA Kalina too, yes.

Or a LADA-1111 "OKA"! It will be fun, don't you think?

Okay, anyways. The tuning idea works cool. Love it! I think it will be cool to be able to paint the wheels. And what about tuning of brakes, gearbox and stuff? Only engine tuning - is this final decision? I mean, sometines it's just relly feels like brake tuning is needed.
4. The game modes. It's good! It's just what we needed! Maybe some more madness like a football with cars or something? But now it feels right.
The only thing that I'd like to see - to be able to start with AIs with the same cars as player's. You know, like an mono-cup. It will be cool, please do it if you can. (Unfrotunately, I'm not able to play online now cause of my Internet so I haven't ever seen Wreckfest online, so I can't say anything about it).
5. Musics. Feels like it's needed to play it from the paddock or something on locations - like it works with the cheering crowds, you know? It will make the atmosphere much better :) And I relly like the soundtracks - they're different and sound nice. Hope to see a new competitions around it in the future.
6. Menu and UI. That's the thing you need to improve a bit, Bugbear. Seruously, it just needs to be more friendly. I mean the only things around car selecting and tuning. To tune a different car player needs to: 1) Select it in a separate menu. 2) Come back from it. 3) Select the Customise menu or something 4) Profit!
I think that you should make it able to go to tuning and customising menus right from the car-selecting part. To make it able to select a car and go to customise menu at once. And for everything else around it too (tuning, painting). And for single player game mode it will be nice to not to switch the main menu after the selecting car process. Make it able to select a car, to think a bit around it, to compare it to the other cars and than move next. For me (and I do not remember all the characteristics of all my cars and I need  to compare it with the other ones) it feels just slow - to come back and see what characteristics did I choose. Please.
7. REPLAYS AND COCPIT CAMERA F*CKIN' ROCKS!!! Wow YEAH! Can't wait to play it in VR!!!
8. AI personalities. I think you should work on it a bit. What about make an AI's names more real? Name, Surname, like it was in FlatOut? And what about make a special liveries for each one? Maybe I ask you too much mut it will work on the atmosphere and all the perception of the game, seriously.

And I think that's all for now. And hope all to the final release update.
I'm so sorry for my "a couple-of-years delay" here on the forum. I still love you and your games, Bugbear, and we're all your fans keep supporing you to build a perfect racing game together. Thank you for your work. It's just a masterpiece. Seriously, I haven't ever seen a game like THIS. Wreckfest just needs to be a bit more a game around a festival atmosphere and it's atmosphere of insanity and speed destruction. Give it more colors, musics, dynamics and everyting will work at 200%. And nowadays - it is already the game that I want to come back to, day after day. And again. And again.
Thank you. Very very much. I'm so happy that we, all the fans here, have a chance to chat with you and give you our thoughts. It's priceless.
Can't wait for release version. Can't wait for upgrade my computer to play it online with 100% graphics. It's gotta be awesome. And it's going to be a little bit different life. So I hope we're all will see each other out there pretty soon ;)
Good luck, - rakkaudella ja kaikella sydämelläni! Kiitos työstänne.
- Vladimir AKA John Burning.