Author Topic: Spectating mode - Cars under tracks  (Read 394 times)


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Spectating mode - Cars under tracks


When I joined back to my server, I saw multiple cars which were driving under the track. It happened only for me (I think), because no one didn't say anything about it on chat.


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Saw post over at Steam that reminded me to check this bug tonight online.


Quote from: Tony Derek
in the game a bug cool when you go to the server you choose a camera either from the cockpit or above the player then all the machines fail under the textures and the bug does not disappear until the track changes

I stop by the OLDr server with 5 players and took these pics as I join lobby a few times, while they were racing, and spectated from the lobby.

Car going under track seem to happen when I first bring up the spectate menu bar. Car evenually come out the ground:

Don't think this bug cause by a busy server full of a bunch of players, when this happens with only 5 players.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Thanks ... this has now been fixed (in the next update).