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Hey guys,

After the april update i can't play Wreckfest anymore....
every time when i startup the game it crashes at the startup screen and goes back to the desktop.
i reinstalled the game and the bug was gone, nothing changed on the settings... but then i closed the game and tried to start the game again and the same problem started again....

Any ideas?
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Are you enabling any mods?

But if a bad mod crashing game, that should happen first time you run the mod.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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It's not clear whether the game crashes to an error message or simply disappears - if the former, most likely an issue with mods or invalid userdata; if the latter, your antivirus software is probably killing the game process.


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Pretty sure it's Steam being a bitch. just totally close down Steam, re-start it (it may update) and try to load up good Ol' Wreckfest again. good luck