Author Topic: Multiplayer : Select Chat Window - How do with a pad?  (Read 149 times)


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Multiplayer : Select Chat Window

Quote from: olivier.rochaix
Hi Everyone,

I tried MP last night and really enjoyed it.
I'm playing on my TV with XBox 360 controller, but have keyboard next to me.
Unfortunatly I was unable to select chat window to actually type something in it.
Is there any shortcut to focus on this window ? How do you actually select it to start typiing ?

On another note, I find the mouse was mandatory to scroll in player list / results etc (with controller, the scroll bar do not follow the list.)

Thanks !

This was posted over at the Steam forum.

So is there a way to select the chat text window so a player can type a message with a pad or a KB if don't have a mouse to use?

I just did a test online with a player host and I was unable to scroll the player with more than 12 players with the KB and Tab only switches me around the tabs at top of lobby window. You can assign a key for in-game chat, but that bring up chat window when racing, does not work in the lobby.

Would seem to me, we need a key we can use to make chat window active when in the lobby. Like show this at bottom of lobby page:

T  Chat Window
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