Author Topic: Scrolling server list locked up Wreckfest  (Read 173 times)


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Today I was checking the online server browser list and game locked up when I was close to bottom of list. I did have some mods enabled.

But I usually do this a few times a day, check online list, can't remember last time scrolling server list, lock up game. We did have a problem with the mods list back in Dec and using filters in server list at one time, crash Wreckfest.

But I think I have seen a post or 2 somewhere and at least one friend told me in the last month, scrolling server list locked their game.

If I did not have my second monitor to bring up Task Manager to "end task" for Wreckfest, I would of been force to use power button to reboot computer to get back to desktop.

I just locked up Wreckfest after joining BC Bangers server and making it to the lobby. My game crashing maybe my computer's fault. Time to do a reboot, but computer been running less than a day. not 2-3 days at a time.  :P
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Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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